Translation, Editing and Proofreading

To ensure the highest quality we always make sure the deliverables are double checked by the second linguist and by our Project Management team. We apply this mothod to all our Translation / Localization services. Our TEP sevices include:

  • Document Translation. We colaborate with hundreds of experienced translator all across the world qualified in different areas of experties such as: Healthcare & Pharma, Information Technology, Legal, Marketing, Engineering etc. Before proceeding to the actual translation we make sure the document is well prepared and formatted properly so you can easily integrate it in your own project.
  • Website Translation. To make it more convinient for you to stay focused on your Website Development and to ease the Website Localization process we provide a seamless transition between the two. While you keep working on the website we are working on the translation part. This side by side work can be achieved by integrating website platform with our CAT Tool.
  • Software & Game Localization. Depending on your source file formats and the methodology you use in your software development, we have the capability to adapt to it and deliver back to you in the most convinient for you format, no matter if it is the UI, Pop-up or any other string type text.